Favorite Things

Here you’ll find a few things that are too good to keep to myself.


There’s many website and blogs out there that specialize in organization. I could spend hours on these kind of sites, gathering ideas and motivation for problem spots in our home. Here are a few of my favorite sites that make organization look manageable and fun!

Simple Organized Living

Home your Way

iHeart Organizing


Good food:

Who doesn’t love good food? But I would rather clean out a messy closet and organize it than cook for the same amount of time! So my idea of good food includes simple ingredients, easy preparation and minimal cleanup.

The Best Drop Biscuit :: These biscuits are quick, use everyday ingredients, and best of all, they are GOOD! Serve them warm with honey, honey butter, or your favorite jam or jelly. They also work great for breakfast with sausage gravy. The boys love when I make these, especially when served with soup.

Miracle Bread :: We love this bread! I never felt comfortable making my own bread until I tried this recipe. It works every time! I use King Arthur unbleached white flour. I know I should use whole wheat flour, but anyway.

Burgers Deluxe :: Let’s just say that the boys rave every time I make these! I’ve also made them using an additional pound of ground beef and increased the spices accordingly.

Granola Energy Balls :: A quick, nutritious snack. Boys and appetites seem to go hand in hand and these help to take the edge off of the hunger pains between meals or after school.

I enjoy making my own salad dressings and mixes, such as taco seasoning etc. Here are the ones I use the most:

Taco Seasoning Mix

Italian Dressing :: I use this to marinate chicken breast or pork chops.

Ranch Dressing :: If you like Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing, you should try this homemade version. It is very similar! I usually blend the dry mix to make the minced onion a bit finer. It is also important to use mayo, not salad dressing. I use an off-brand mayo and I get compliments on this dressing whenever I serve it.


 Places of inspiration:

Arabah Joy :: So rich and meaningful. I’ve been very challenged and inspired by some of the posts.

Money Saving Mom :: I cannot recommend this website enough. There is just a wealth of good things on this site. While many of the posts offer good sales event and deals, I find the content of the other posts to be so encouraging. Whether you are in a hard place financially, a new mom, an overwhelmed stay-at-home mom/wife, or an over-the-top busy working mom/wife, this site has something for you. Crystal writes practical advice, gives you manageable goals, and helps you to sort out what is really important. Just go visit and see for yourself.

Life as Mom :: Here is a series of encouragement on being a joyful mom by keeping things simple. There’s a lot of good practical tips in this series.


Time management:

Is Time Management Really Possible? :: Sometimes we don’t know where to start.

Time Management 101 :: If you are done trying to do it all, this is a must read series!

Time Management for Busy Moms :: Here are some practical tips for setting priorities.

Home Your Way :: If you use the search feature on this site and type in Time Management, you’ll find many good articles.


because I’m a Mom:

Motherhood is a Calling :: This quote is so, so true and something I want to remember, especially on those days when I wonder if I can do it all again tomorrow.


Simple Solutions:

Shower cleaner :: This recipe is all over the web and it really does work!


As I come across good tidbits and recipes that I learn to love and use, I’ll share them here. In the mean time, I’m busy being a wife, a mom, and finding JOY in a well-kept life!



  1. Arabah Joy said,

    Thanks for the shout out 🙂 It encouraged me today to hear that arabahjoy.com inspires you. Thanks so much!

    • Starla said,

      You are so welcome! Your gentle presence on the web has been a blessing!

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