January 3, 2012

2012 Edition SOLD OUT

Posted in Uncategorized tagged at 5:53 pm by Starla

Three days into the new year and we’re sold out! Thank-you all for your business in 2011!

Please stop back in July/August to order your copy of the 2013 edition of The Time Keeper.

Now sit back, relax, enjoy the winter months, and thank God for His gift of time.




  1. Mary Ann Beachy said,

    Congratulations on a good year, Starla! It has been exciting!

  2. Sarah said,

    Starla, are you really serious? When I ordered mine I was suppose to click to order two. One for myself, and one for my really good friend. I didn’t realize my mistake until I received it. Is there any way you have an extra one? If you do, will you email me at

    andysarahf @ gmail . com



  3. Anna said,

    please please I want two of them! I’m lost without mine and I didn’t get it ordered before the new year. I need one for me and one for my sis… milleranna@windstream.net
    Thank you, Anna

  4. Brooke said,

    Is there ANY way to still get one? I didn’t get mine ordered in time and just saw that you’re sold out. PLEASE say it isn’t so! 😦

    If there are any available, would you please let me know?


  5. Susanne said,

    How wonderful to sell out! But I am now sad that I did not order myself one. I received one last year as a gift and thought I would get one this year also. But no Time Keeper under the tree for me 😦
    Will you be doing a reprint for us few unlucky or last minute people?



    • Starla said,

      I’m sorry – I’m not planning to. Dated material has such a short selling window once the new year is started that it isn’t worth printing more.

      Stop back in the summer to purchase the 2013 edition of The Time Keeper!

  6. April said,

    Oh, I am late too! I will try to remember to order earlier next time. Looks like a great planner!

  7. Deborah Mangolas said,

    Do you have a date yet for the 2013 Time Keeper? Anxiously waiting.

    • Starla said,

      The website should go live on August 1st!

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