September 29, 2010

Celebrate LIFE!

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If you read the About page on this blog or the website, you know that our Little Guy was diagnosed with ALL (Leukemia) in August of 2007. This weekend we celebrated the fact that we are very nearly finished with the 3+ years of chemo!!! Next week, he has his last official chemo visit scheduled at Penn State Hershey Medical Center! NEXT WEEK!! He will continue his oral chemo until October 25th.

So.. this past weekend we celebrated this major event – thanking God that we still have our Little Guy with us! What a gift his life has been to us. He is such a happy little fellow and is very affectionate.  He will often come and pat us on the back or lays his head against one of us, sighing with a contented little smile on his face. He especially loves – LoVeS – LOVES his Daddy.

We spent the weekend in Ocean City, MD at Believe in Tomorrow’s House by the Sea. Little Guy loves this place beside the ocean! We went last year for the first time, so he’s been looking forward to going back for a full year! The weather was gorgeous until Sunday morning, and we left feeling refreshed and thankful for a great family weekend.

Today… take time to pick up that little (or big) one and hold them close, thanking God for another opportunity to take care of them. There are many families who are crying and grieving for the one they lost! Don’t miss your opportunity while you have it!

If I must be perfectly honest, I must say that while it is very exciting to reach this point in the Little Guy’s treatment plan, it has also brought some unexpected emotions in my heart! Knowing tht we are no longer fighting the ugly disease called cancer, I have been facing fear of relapse. I was totally unprepeared for this emotion called fear. So if you think about it, you can pray for us as we enter this new phase of daily living.

God bless your day with peace, even if everything around you is chaotic!


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