July 7, 2009

New for 2010

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I am a stay-at-home mom and I’ve used a planner since 2001. Over the years as I used various brands and styles, I began to realize that what I really wanted in a planner was simply not available! So I took up the challenge, designed the layout of a brand-new planner and The Time Keeper was born. Last year (2009) was its first year and we felt blessed with the sales we had. Most of the sales came from word-of-mouth and sharing an email that included the information we have here on the website.

About The Time Keeper…

Each weekly page includes space for daily entries, menu planning, and a “To Do” list.

Spiral bound for your convenience, this planner also includes monthly pages with project lists, a page to jot down gift ideas for family and friends, 2 organizer pockets, and several pages for your own ideas and notes. You will find joy in a well-kept life!

The size is 8.5 x 5.75 when it is closed. Dimensions do not include the spiral.

$11.49 each, plus $2.25 shipping.  PA residents, add 6% sales tax.
When you order 4 or more, the price is only $10.49 each, plus $1.10 shipping for each copy. Orders paid by PayPal will include a small surcharge.

To place an order:

  • Email me at timekeeper@emypeople.net. Please include your name and shipping address, how many copies you would like to purchase, and the email address associated with your PayPal account.
  • After you receive an invoice from PayPal with your total amount due, you can make your payment.
  • Your order will be shipped within 5 – 7 days.
  • If you prefer to send me a check, simply mention that in your email.

Several of my customers bought copies of The Time Keeper for Christmas gifts in 2009. Shop early and purchase a few planners for your friends or family, inviting them to join you on the journey of a well-kept life!

I love using a planner – it just really helps to keep me on track! I believe you too will find The Time Keeper to be helpful in organizing the days and time that God has given to each one of us.

Happy Keeping!



  1. Gina said,

    I love your planner! I found out about it through Larainne Good. I made something very similar for myself – but yours is prettier! I wrote about it on my blog here – http://homejoys.blogspot.com/2008/12/peek-at-my-calendar.html
    Do you mind if I share in my email newsletter and blog about your planner? I can’t imagine life without my planner and I have thought of trying to make some to sell but you’ve done it for me! I am sure other ladies could benefit from your product!

    Blessings, Gina Martin

  2. Susan McCurdy said,

    Thank you for this great planner. I have used it this past year and will order a new one for the next year. I especially like the spaces for the menu as well as the pocket for “loose papers” in the back! I have a son with Type I diabetes and was glad to have a planner with a pocket. I just kept his previous months perscriptions in the pocket so the perscription numbers are ready for me to re-order over the phone each month.

    Susan McCurdy
    Tilton, IL

  3. Anna Mary Good said,

    Thank you so much for using your talents to create this wonderful planner! For those of you who are not sure about getting one, I highly recommend it. I am using the 2009 one and I LOVE it! Don’t know what I did the previous years! I gave some as Christmas and other gifts last year and now they are ordering for next year! Everyone who has used it has good things to say about it! My son is 2yr 4mos old and just starting to talk. I write on the days new words he said that day, or other new things he did, in red ink so it stands out. (for the rest of my notes I usually use black) It helps to keep me organized! A planner is a necessity for a mother and this one is very well laid out! So easy to use. I look forward to using next year’s planner.

    Anna Mary Good
    Myerstown, Pa

  4. Christy said,

    Starla, I love the planner and already have my 2010 copy. Is a grocery list a possibility for future printings? I’d be willing to cut it or to pay several dollars more if the perforation requires. I carry my book with me all the time, so I guess it wouldn’t even need to come out. Maybe I’ll start using the “To Do” space for groceries.

    Overall, I love the book and its features.

    • mytimekeeper said,

      Thanks for posting a comment here, Christy. I did consider the grocery list idea – for now, I mostly use a magnetic list on my fridge. Depending on the circumstances, I list groceries in the “To Do” section. Or sometimes I fasten a paper with paper clip – the bright clip lets me flip right to the list. But it is something I am thinking about for the 2011 edition.

      Since I don’t go shopping every week, it isn’t as much of a “must have”
      for me.

      Thanks for recommending this planner to your friends!

  5. I just saw this on Money Saving Mom. WOW!! I am adding this to my gift wish list if I don’t win. It looks like a MUST for a new homeschooling mom like me 🙂 Thank you for using your talents. I think it’d be amazing if your 2011 calendar had a spot for groceries (although, I could put my grocery list in the little pocket!), and a scripture at the top of each weekly page. This calendar looks so awesome.

    • mytimekeeper said,

      There are scripture verses or quotes at the top of each weekly page. Hope you win one!

  6. Gina Smucker said,

    Starla, I love your planner. I used it this year and would like to get it again for 2010. I’m not always a very scheduled person so this has helped me and to remember special events and peoples birthdays. I just love it!!!

  7. Amy said,

    Thank you for the planner! I saw it on Money Saving Mom and bought one for myself and three as gifts. I am loving mine. It beats having a to do list lieing around, a calendar of events on the fridge and a menu that gets forgot about on top of the microwave. Thank you! I know it sounds silly, but I couldn’t wait for 2010 to start so I could start using it!

  8. Faith said,


    Very pretty planner..I like that it will be able to be carried around w/me. Will you be making any for 2011? Thanks so much

    • Faith said,

      a ps….I found out about your lovely time keeper at Home Joys Blog.

    • mytimekeeper said,

      Thanks for stopping by! The 2011 edition of The Time Keeper is very nearly through the design stage, ready to go to the print shop. We should be ready to sell by mid-July, so check back here for information on purchasing your copy!

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